FAQ around thermal-copiers ( based on Infrared-lamp-technology ):

Q: How is the basic function of a thermal-copier?
A: During the copying-process ( infrared-exposure ) the rays generate heat on the Carbon-coated areas of the motif, melt the wax-coating and transfer it onto the top-layer of the stencil-paper-unit.

Q: Do you offer a warranty for your machines?
A: Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty if used properly. Unfortunately we're not responsible for heavy shocks during transport that might cause breakage of inner parts as lamp or roller. In such a case please complain immediately upon receipt at the responsible freight-forwarder.

Q: Do you check your machines before shipping them out?
A: Yes, each machine is tested and you'll receive a sample, indicating the optimum speed.
We do also pack a fresh stencil-paper for your own first successful copy after receipt of the machine.

Q: Are your new machines blocked for transport?
A: Yes, to avoid breakage on transport we've inserted 2 rubber-stripes that have to be removed after opening 2 red-marked transportation-lock-srews. You'll find an instruction on the new machines how to do this.

Q: What type of printer do I need to print the motif?
A: We do advise to use laser-printers or -copiers. Using black powder-toner-cardridges.
You can find these models under 100 US $, combining USB-print and stand-alone-copy-functions, even with enlarging and reducing!
A phantastic combination for effective work with our thermal-copiers.

Q: Do your copiers need to be warmed up?
A: No, just start by switching on the main-switch on the back and start immediately by inserting the carrier.

Q: Is it necessary to use a carrier-foil?
A: Yes, the use of a carrier helps to keep the machine clean inside.
Otherwise wax-residues might be found later on glass-tube and rubber-roller.

Q: I've no transfer of motif. What's wrong?
A: If both inner rollers rotate and the lamp lights up, please check if you're using the correct printer for your motif.

Q: Can I do stencils from designs done by hand?
A: Yes, if you use a black pencil or fiber-tip-pen using Carbon-pigmented (archival/light-proof) ink you can do direct copies/stencils from your design.

Q: What is the standard speed-setting?
A: Please start on speed-settings as 7.5 and adapt if necessary. You'll get lighter copies using higher speed-numbers and vice-versa.

Q: Can I use cheaper cloned / not original stencil paper?
A: Most clones are so inferior in quality, that there aren't good or even no results.
Don't waste money and use the original US-manufactured thermal papers only!

Q: After the copy the rollers are still rotating? Is this wrong?
A: No, after each copy our machines cool down automatically, this might take some minutes.

Q: I've an inkjet-printer with 5 or 6 ink-cartriges. One is Pigment-Black. Can I use it?
A: Yes, but only inkjet-printers with black-pigmented inks work, but usually you've to use the text-setting also for printing picture-files, thus using only the black-pigmented cartridge.

Q: Which paper-colour can I use? Classic-Purple or Green?
A: For Europe we do advise to use the green EU-conforming papers only, for best results in combination with the green transfer-cream from the same manufacturer.

Q: Does the new green thermal-paper need another speed-setting?
A: No, both paper-colours can be used on the same speed-setting.

Q: Does the thermal-copier need cleaning or maintenance?
A: Yes, please check in regular intervals, if there are wax-or paper-residues on glass-tube or rubber-roller. Wax-residues can easily be cleaned by using white spirit on a tissue-paper.

Q: I need a spare-part for my machine bought some years ago?
A: No problem, we do stock all spare-parts and can perhaps even advise a local source.
Please tell us your country and the serial-number of the machine found on the back.

Q: I want to do a repair by myself, is this possible?
A: All you need is basic technical skills and a torx-scredriver size 10 and 5 minutes of time, e.g. to change the lamp.
We can supply instructions in pfd-format.

Q: In which countries are your copiers available?
A: We've resellers all over the world. If you've a 'strange' or 'rare' location, we can send from our warehouse to any location in the world. Please simply send a request and mention your country/location.